Where did the UXB name come from?

Where did the UXB name come from?

When I was designing my product range, I knew it would be bath and body focused as we are on a mission to make shower products that feed, rather than strip the skin.

I looked around and companies were either named after fictitious English gents (Lovelock & Smyth, Bartlett & Cumberbatch etc.) or places. My surname isn’t remotely posh or English enough (it’s Irish) so I decided to name it after a place.

I live in a place called Uxbridge. It sits 15 miles from the centre of London at the intersection of 3 counties - Middlesex, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.  It’s a lovely place to live with a nice mix of busy urban life rolling countryside. I thought about calling this company Uxbridge Soaps but it didn’t seem right. It didn’t excite me. One day I was driving into Uxbridge and I noticed that the road marking shortened Uxbridge to UXB and it was all uppercase. It had a lovely symmetry to it. I could actually envision how it would look as a logo.

So there it is. It’s technically named after where I live and UXB products are hand made.
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