Shower Cream FAQs

Shower Cream FAQs

What is UXB Shower Cream?

UXB Shower Cream is a unique, handmade all-over cleansing product combining carefully-chosen natural botanical oils and extracts that help nurture and moisturise the skin while gently removing everyday grime and environmental pollutants. It is designed to work with the warmth of the shower on your damp skin to leave it feeling clean yet soft, supple and nourished.  

We have developed shower creams that work in harmony with each individual skin type. For example our Brown Rice Milk & Honey cream is great for oily skin while our Frankincense & Argan Oil cream is best for dry skin.

How do you use UXB Shower Creams?

We find UXB Shower cream has the best effect if you step into the shower and allow your skin get warm and damp for a few moments. You can then massage the cream into the damp skin, leave on for a few seconds, then wash off.

What ingredients are in Shower Cream?

UXB Shower Cream is made from a blend of vitamin rich oils and herbal extracts plus purified water and gentle coconut-derived cleansing agents. Our aim is to use natural ingredients that have a real measurable effect on the skin. A full list of ingredients is available here so you can see exactly what's in it  - and we're really proud of our natural, effective formulas.

How do you make UXB Shower Cream?

All our lotions are handmade from start to finish. We first make a cream lotion base which does the important job of nourishing the skin and carrying the active ingredients. Lotions are made by heating and blending oils and water with a  natural emulsifier to combine the two. We then fold in the gentle cleansing agents. Once the mixture is cool we add ingredients such as essential oils and active ingredients whose efficacy would be impaired by heating.

Is UXB Shower Cream suitable for all skin types?

Yes. The lotion that makes up the base of our Shower Creams is light enough for all skin types and the cleansing agents are made with the very mildest natural ingredients we could find. We have also developed our range to provide targeted support for 4 different conditions:

  • Oily acne prone skin: Brown Rice Milk & Honey
  • Dry or combination skin: Frankincense & Argan Oil
  • Tired or polluted skin for city dwellers: Acai & Juniper Berry
  • Mature skin: Rosehip & Comfrey

Can I use UXB Shower Cream on my face?

Yep. We even have customers who use it as a moisturising makeup remover!

Do I need to moisturise after my shower?

No. We have designed UXB shower cream as replacement for your shower gel AND your body lotion. Trust us, this really works!

Shower Creams don’t produce much of a bubbly lather. Why is this?

The natural oils which provide the effective moisturising properties of UXB Shower Cream are a natural foam suppressant, so you won’t see many bubbles. The cleansers we have chosen are gentle and effective and do not need to be bubbly even though we are used to thinking this is a necessary part of getting clean.

Does UXB Shower Cream really get me clean?

Yes! We have tried and tested our handmade Shower Creams extensively. Shower creams get you clean and fresh in 3 ways:

  1. Over a quarter of the recipe is made up of natural cleansing agents chosen because they are both mild and effective.
  2. Your skin is cleansed when you wash off excess natural skin oils (Sebum) that contain bacteria. Each of our Shower Creams contains an oil chosen for its strong affinity to the skin’s oils, lifting and washing away bacteria. It’s like an ‘oil change’ for the skin!
  3. Our Shower Creams contain essential oils with antimicrobial properties - removing the bad bacteria that cause body odour.

What makes UXB Shower Cream different?

Many Shower Creams are synthetic gels with chemical additives which make them opaque and creamy-looking but can be harsh and unbalancing on the skin. UXB Shower Cream is a real cream made from luxurious moisturising nourishing oils and gentle cleansers. Our Shower Cream is small batch and handmade and its ingredients are comparable to other high-end lotions you might find in other non-bath categories - that means it can be as moisturising or more moisturising than many body lotions made solely for the purpose!

Why doesn't the shower wash the natural active ingredients in UXB shower cream off my skin?

Because you are in the shower and your skin is damp, warm and slightly porous, the moisturising ingredients in our shower cream is lapped up by your skin almost immediately. This is known as dilution deposition, the oils in the cream are more attracted to the skin than they are water and so grab onto it. You can tell that this is the case because scent oils in the cream are left on your skin after the shower. 

Any excess lotion that is not needed by your skin is washed away, also carrying away the odour-causing bacteria it has removed from your skin during your shower.

Can I use UXB Shower Cream every day?

Yes, that’s the beauty of high-end moisturising Shower Creams. If you use the wrong kind of product instead, showering can be detrimental to your skin. But as we all usually shower every day (or more), to avoid this we need something like our Shower Cream - which is full of skin nourishing, moisturising, pH balanced ingredients that support the skin rather than strip it of natural oils and upset its balance.

And because you’re working this into your daily skincare regime, you get incremental benefits of daily use without having to apply a separate body lotion.