About Us

Simon & Liz Driscoll

We're Simon & Liz. We started UXB after a trip to Turkey and Turkish bath that left our skin soft and glowing. We realised that there was a way to make natural skincare for an affordable price that really works.

  1. We believe that everyone deserves glowing skin. Skincare should be easy to use and accessible to all budgets.
  2. We believe that cleansing and exfoliation is the key to naturally beautiful skin. 
  3. We believe in consistency of skincare. We believe in ritual. 
  4. We believe that nature has given us everything we need to look after our skin holistically. 
  5. We believe that everyone is different. There is no such thing as a product that works for all skin types. 

Skincare at the moment is in a mess. Lot’s of products are expensive, over promise and under-deliver. Many brands expect you to have the time to complete a 10 step regime or a chemistry degree in order to choose a product that works for your skin. Greenwashing and fear marketing is rife. 

At UXB we have spent years researching simple natural ingredients that have proven over the millennia to work effectively with different skin types. We have learned from ancient rituals that cleansing and exfoliation is the best way to get delicious organic compounds deeper into the skin. 

Our products have helped hundreds of people just like you get on top of troublesome skin without spending hundreds of pounds or hours of time applying and often wasting products. 

The secret to great skin is to do two things consistently alongside any other skin products you may choose to apply. 

Cleanse every day
Exfoliate every week

It seems too simple right? But it works and here’s why.


Sun damage and pollution age your skin the most - basically exposure to everyday life. The dirt on your skin doesn’t sit there benignly doing nothing. It releases particles called free radicals that damage skin cells and causes premature aging. 

If you just wash your face every night with a hydrating cleanser you will be removing the pollution and counteracting some of the sun exposure (always wear SPF) and giving your skin the moisture it needs to perform.


Exfoliation is a hugely underestimated part of a skin routine. If done right, it can make the skin look younger, brighter but also provide the foundations for a healthy epidermis. 

The top layers of your skin are dead. Too many layers of dead skin results in a dull lifeless complexion.  Every 28 days the top layer of skin is meant to shed. Except it doesn’t. As you age your skin tends to become a bit more sticky. It won’t shed by itself - you have to give it a hand.

And if you do, the payoff is huge. 

Dead skin clinging to your face can cause skin sagging and wrinkles. Bacteria can live in the dead skin causing breakouts.

By helping the natural exfoliation along you bring new cells to the surface of the skin making it look brighter. It also encourages the skin to produce new cells and collagen that goes with that process. 

Cleansing every day and gently exfoliating every week will give you the best skin you have ever had with very little effort. You will find yourself wearing less makeup. We guarantee friends and loved ones will notice your glowing complexion. 

If you have any questions about our brand, the ingredients we use or how our products work - please email me at simon@uxbskincare.com.