About Us


Cleansing and exfoliation can be damaging to the skin. We strip the skin of oils and moisture. We decimate the natural biome and weaken the acid mantle. At UXB we thought that there must be a better way of getting the skin free of dirt and pollution in a less harmful way.

In our research we found that not only was there a better way to cleanse, but cleansing with natural additives could increase the effectiveness of these active ingredients.

When you wash your face and body your skin soaks up water and becomes slightly more porous. It is at this moment that you have the opportunity to get ingredients deeper into the skin. During cleansing that you also have the opportunity to lock in epidermal moisture before it is lost to evaporation (sometimes called trans-epidermal water loss - TEWL).

We have dedicated our company to developing luxury bath and body products that contain the best oils, herbal extracts and vitamins in formulations that are designed to deliver great experiences and results.