About Us

Simon Driscoll

It all started in 2016 where we were holidaying in Turkey. Every market we went to sold soaps. Every town had a traditional bathhouse (hammam). Soaps were being infused with ingredients to aid all sorts of skin conditions; argan for dry skin, carrot seed for sunburn, juniper for acne.

 I was intrigued and bought as many soaps as I could. I have very dry skin, which is fair and easily sunburned. The soaps did what they promised and saved me time and effort by improving my skin condition as I cleaned myself.

 When I returned to the UK I started researching soaps. What I found out excited me. Cleansing is the cornerstone of skincare. Without clean skin any other actives you apply will not soak in. Also, when the skin is wet in the shower or bath it is more porous and receptive to actives like the ones I was using in my Turkish bars. 

 I decided to become a soap maker. I attended courses on cold and hot process soaps. I learned about oils and botanical extracts and their effects on the skin. I studied essential oils and fragrance construction.

 It took a year of formulating and a lot of mistakes to come up with our first shower cream range. We’ve purposefully made a liquid cleanser for ease of use, but we hope to follow up with a bar soaps soon.

 We hope you enjoy our products. We still make them by hand in Uxbridge with the highest quality ingredients we can source.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at simon@uxbskincare.com.