About Us

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Transcending Trends

Our mission is to make the world’s best skincare using natural ingredients sourced from all over the world and proven over the centuries. Skincare trends come and go, but our products use proven ingredients to give you the complexion you have always dreamed of.

Through a study of skincare practices across continents and throughout history we are able to formulate luscious natural products proven to work with your skin and to be harmonious with the planet. .

Our study of the use of oils in Egypt, ayurvedic practices in India and Japanese skincare through the ages has led us to refine potent ingredients and formulations used by our ancestors that have proven to work.

UXB products are handmade by artisan formulators using low energy sustainable methods. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and of the highest quality.


Our History

Simon UXB Formulator

UXB was founded in 2016 by me, Simon Driscoll. The idea for UXB came to me in a spa in the beautiful village of Ölüdeniz, Turkey.

After being cleansed, exfoliated and massaged using local soaps, creams and oils I felt amazing. I fell in love with the idea that ancient rituals and products were passed down generations because they actually worked!

I spent the next two years researching botanical ingredients and practices that had survived the centuries. I learned to make soap. I trained to formulate creams, cleansers and blend oils.

I launched my first products, a range of cleansers, in 2018. From my studies I had found that cleansing is an ancient practice and the most important part of a skincare regime. My cleansers were orientated around different skin types, oily, dry and combination and each cleanser contained the best, most proven ingredients for that skin type.

I have since gone on to research skincare practices and ingredients from around the world and will continue to focus on natural products that work.