20 Beauty Hacks for 2020

20 Beauty Hacks for 2020

DIY Lip Scrub

If your lips get dry and cracked sometimes chapstick won’t cut it. And if there are little bits of skin hanging off your lips you are more likely to pick them and them - and that way lies madness. This lip scrub takes seconds to make and will leave your lips smooth, kissable and unpickable.

  • Fill a tablespoon one third full with sugar
  • Drizzle on some olive oil until it seeps out of the bottom of the sugar into the spoon.
  • Mix then massage onto the lips
  • Wash off with warm water

Wear Sunglasses

Have you ever noticed that celebs always wear oversized sunglasses in winter and summer? They are obviously not trying to go incognito, however this is a brilliant anti-aging tactic.

The glasses prevent you from squinting which reduces the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes. The glasses also prevent sun reaching the thinner skin around the eye which is prone to sun-damage and further aging.


Puffy Eye Cure

If you wake up with puffy eyes there are a couple quick things you can do. This hack works by using a cold object to contract the skin combined with a massaging movement to push fluids out from the eyes into lymph drains.

Taking either the back of a cold spoon or an ice cube gently drag the cold surface under the eye from the nose to the ear. This will push the fluid under the eye into nearby lymph drainage sites making your skin look less puffy.


Wash Your Face Twice A Day

As you may know, washing your face is the foundation of good skin. https://uxbskincare.com/blogs/news/the-art-of-facial-cleansing. It is the simplest, most cost effective way to get glowing skin. Just try it - top dermatologists can’t be wrong.
You should start developing a skincare routine "as soon as possible, even if your anti-aging regimen is as simple as a cleanser and sunscreen."Dr Dendy Engelman, MD
"Our skin comes in contact with environmental pollutants, dirt and other factors each day that should be gently removed." to prevent premature aging.Dr. Carlos Charles
Cleansing "helps to protect my epidermal barrier and decrease any redness and inflammation"Dr. Marnie Nussbaum

Commit to washing your face with a gentle cream cleanser twice a day for 30 days to a real difference in your complection.

Cleansing does two things; it removes dirt and free radicals that sit eat away at your skin aging it, and, if you’re using a cream cleanser, locks moisture into the skin.


Use Soap Instead of Deodorant

No matter how natural your deodorant claims to be it will never be as natural as a good bar of soap made using natural oils using the cold process method. Soap has a high pH that kills the bacteria that causes body odor. So just wash your pits and nether regions with soap and while you will still sweat (that’s natural) you won’t smell.

The bonus of using soap instead of a deodorant that just masks the smell of body odor is that you get to choose what you smell like. Use a lovely fragrance instead of a cheap smelling body spray to get compliments all day long.


Never Forget To Cleanse Ever Again Hack

As we’ve said above, cleansing is the most important part of your skincare routine. The trouble is that it’s really easy to forget to do it.

If you tie washing your face to another part of your morning and evening routine - such as brushing your teeth - you’ll never forget to cleanse ever again.

Here’s what we do with our cream cleansers. We apply the cleanser to dry skin and while it soaks in we brush our teeth. Then we just wash off any excess or dirty oil. Bingo, clean teeth and face without any extra thought.

Hand Moisturising Hack

This is the best way to get hand cream to the part of your hands that need it most without juggling slippery hand cream tubes. Here’s the method.

Using your dominant hand (I’m a right hander myself) squeeze enough moisturiser for both hands onto the back of your other hand up near the wrist. Then put the cream down.

Using the palm of your dominant hand drag the cream down the back of your other hand. Then rub your hands together as if you were washing them until the cream is absorbed.

This makes sure that most of the cream gets into the two places your hands are often driest - the palm of your dominant hand that does most of the holding and gripping and the back of your other hand that is almost always scuffed up when reaching into pockets and bags.


The Moisturiser Dot Method

One of the reasons we apply moisturiser to the skin is to keep it plump around the areas that it is prone to wrinkle. If we can keep these bits nice and soft there is less chance that the wrinkles will become deeper seated.

A great way to make sure that moisturiser gets to these areas is the dot method where you place dots of moisturisers in strategic places around the face before rubbing it in.

Here’s where to place the dots.
  • 3 across the forehead
  • 1 between the eyes above the nose
  • 1 on the outside of the eye over your laughter lines
  • 1 on each cheek below each eye
  • 1 above the lips
  • 1 below the lips
  • 2 dots on the neck

Now just massage in and relax in the knowledge that you have full coverage.


Apply Moisturiser In The Shower

It is well known that one of Jennifer Aniston’s beauty hacks is applying body lotion in the shower. There is good science behind why this is more effective than applying moisturiser when the skin is dry. Firstly, the moisturiser locks in the moisture from the shower. Secondly, warm skin helps the oils in the moisturiser melt into the skin.

Over and above the science reasons for applying moisturiser in the shower it’s just much much nicer. Why would you want to stand semi-naked in the cold while applying cream when you could be doing it in the shower.

A bit of a plug, but we sell a shower cream that is designed to be applied at the end of the shower leaving your skin soft and plump.

Prevent In-Growing Hairs Using a Body Scrub Before Shaving

In-growing hairs are caused by shaved hair curling back on itself and growing under the skin. An easy way to prevent this is to regularly exfoliate the area you shave. This will allow you to get a closer shave and will remove the dead layer of skin that prevents hairs breaking through the epidermis.


Work Facial Exercises Into Your Routine

Working on your facial muscles, sometimes called face yoga, is great to give your jaw line definition and prevent sagging jowls. The most basic of exercises is yawning.

We have found that if you work yawning into our daily routines. A great place to yawn while not looking too stupid is at the gym. While on a machine you’re probably making some funny (agonising) facial expressions. Turn them into a yawn for a double workout benefit. You can also try exaggerated yawns white brushing your teeth or applying moisturiser.


Take MSM Daily

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) is digestible sulphur and is one of the best anti-aging supplements you can take. Sulphur is one of the compounds needed for collagen production. It is also an anti-inflammatory reducing puffiness.

You can buy MSM relatively cheapy on Amazon 


Apply Product In The Correct Order

If you’re a fan of a multi-step skincare routine involving serums, toners and moisturisers you may have asked yourself if you are applying them in the correct order.

A simple rule of thumb is to apply the products with the thinnest fist and the thickest last. The reason is this; thin skin care products such as mists and serums are usually water based and need to be applied directly to the skin. Thicker products such as moisturisers that contain oils or occlusives are designed to lock moisture (and any other actives you apply) into the skin. If you were to put the moisturiser on before the thinner ingredients it would keep the actives away from the skin.


Turn Moisturising Your Face Into A Massage and Lymph Draining Session

If you mindfully apply your moisturiser to you face, you can use the time and slippery cream to increase blood flow to the skin and push fluid which can make the face puffy into lymph drains.

Check out the speedy massage over at Glamour Magazine 

Change Your Pillow Cases Regularly

For (hopefully) 8 hours a night your face is smooshed into a pillow case. Your skin, sweat and bacteria will end up on that pillow case and the bacteria will multiply. If you don’t wash that pillow case fairly frequently you risky rubbing your freshly cleansed and moisturised face onto a bacterial soup.

If you want to take your pillow game to the next level get a silk pillowcase these will glide over your skin preventing the face wrinkles that coarser pillows can cause.


Wear a Night Mask

A good quality silk night mask offers two benefits. Firstly it will protect the delicate skin around the eye from the aging damage caused by friction with the pillow.

The mask will also exclude light and this is proven to make you sleep deeper. A deeper sleep means better health overall and better skin!

Make Your Face Red Once A Day

When your face gets red you are flushing the skin with nourishing blood. The nutrients in the blood will provide the building blocks your skin needs to replenish itself. It will also take away any waste products that may cause inflammation.

I don’t care how you do it - star jumps, bending over for 30 seconds, or remembering the time you fell over running for the bus - just make your face red once a day.


Derma Rolling

You may not be familiar with derma rolling but it’s a facialist secret that is now accessible to us in the home. The procedure involves moving a roller studded with tiny with needles over your face. It sounds worse than it is. If you pick a roller with the correct needle size, you’ll hardly feel a thing.

To start with you’ll need to buy a roller with needles no longer than 0.25-0.3mm. This can be safely used a few times a week. If you use it after applying an active ingredient to your face it can even help push the ingredients deeper into the skin.

The rollers work by minutely injuring the skin. This stimulates the skin’s regeneration processes thus creating more collagen leading to younger looking firmer skin.

Exfoliate Once A Week - No More

We can get obsessed with exfoliating. We get it, it delivers visible effects almost immediately and there are so many options available from chemical to physical exfoliants.

However it’s a slippery slope. Too much exfoliation can damage the skin’s barrier which will lead to breakouts and dry patches.

If you limit exfoliating to once a week, you’ll get all of the benefits of removing the dead skin like clear complexion, less visible lines and faster skin turnover while giving you skin time to recover from what can be quite a traumatic treatment of the skin.

Never Wash Your Face With Hot Water

Hot water can seriously mess with the skin on your face. It strips the skin of natural fatty acids and causes the water to evaporate off quickly taking more moisture than it adds from your skin. The end result is raw dry skin. Tsk.

Keep it tepid people.