• Two Steps Back Skincare

    Skincare can be expensive, sometime stupidly so. We cleanse, exfoliate and tone. We layer on serums, hydrolats and moisturisers. Every now and again we throw on a mask. However we often spend our time doing the wrong things, or spend our money buying the wrong products - setting our skincare prog... View Post
  • Don’t wash your tan down the drain

    You’ve been away (or fingers crossed we’ve had a BBQ British summer) and you’ve got your tan on. You’ve followed all the instructions to build the tan up gradually without burning and to drink lots of water and your skin is GLOWING. You want to stay like this forever. However, you notice that day... View Post
  • Bacteria: the good, the bad and the smelly

    There are more bacteria in and on your body than there are the tissue cells. Let that sink in... There are roughly 100,000 of the little fellas in every square inch of your skin. If all of the bacteria on your body decided to up and leave, you’d lose about 30 grams in weight - you’d also probabl... View Post