• 20 Beauty Hacks for 2020

    DIY Lip Scrub If your lips get dry and cracked sometimes chapstick won’t cut it. And if there are little bits of skin hanging off your lips you are more likely to pick them and them - and that way lies madness. This lip scrub takes seconds to make and will leave your lips smooth, kissable and unp... View Post
  • Christmas Market Schedule

    Hi All,  We're doing a few different markets before Christmas and we've put together some great little natural skincare stocking filler for you all to delight friends and family with. It'd be great to meet you all in person.  - Simon & Liz November 22-24th - Polesden Lacey, Surry https://www.... View Post
  • UXB Bath Bomb Making Tutorial

    The UXB ethos is to make products that soothe the skin as you bathe. We wanted to design a bath bomb that foamed and filled the room with delicious scents. A bath bomb that softened the skin without leaving the bathtub a slippery mess. Thus, was born, the moisture bomb.  Below is a guide to how w... View Post