• Why Your Skincare Routine Should Be Like a Jam Sandwich

    Designing a skincare routine is hard. You have to diagnose your skin type and any skin conditions you want to address, then you need to find products that will work with your skin type/conditions then you have to work out in what order to apply them to your skin to be most effective. This article... View Post
  • How To Fade Scars

    All of our scars tell a story, but sometimes you just want to forget the past and move on. Scars are the result of injury to the skin and while you can never truly remove them, there definitely are ways to lessen their appearance.   What Is a Scar? When your skin is damaged by cutting, infection,... View Post
  • 5 Ingredients to Avoid If You Have Dry Skin

    Lauryl SulfatesThese are a range of surfactants found in many cleansers. The trouble with these are that they can quite strip any oils from the skin, making it feel dryer. If you use a sulphate cleanser with hot water with hot water your skin is going to be in double trouble as the oils get remov... View Post