• UXB Bath Bomb Making Tutorial

    The UXB ethos is to make products that soothe the skin as you bathe. We wanted to design a bath bomb that foamed and filled the room with delicious scents. A bath bomb that softened the skin without leaving the bathtub a slippery mess. Thus, was born, the moisture bomb.  Below is a guide to how w... View Post
  • How to read your cosmetic ingredients (INCI) list and avoid getting ripped off

    We’ve put together this guide for a couple of reasons; firstly so that you can understand the ingredients in your skincare and secondly so that you can choose products that have ingredients in the right concentrations to have an effect on your skin. We feel a bit like Penn & Teller here busti... View Post
  • Shampoo Bars vs Dry Shampoo: Which is better for your hair and the environment?

    Many of us are thinking more about the products we buy and how it impacts the environment. How much plastic is it packaged in? How much gas (petrol) does it take to ship it to our  shops or door? Another concern that around how much water it takes to produce or use the product. Saying all that, w... View Post