• Rosehip & Comfrey Shower Cream
  • Rosehip & Comfrey Shower Cream - for mature skin
  • Rosehip & Comfrey Shower Cream - for mature skin
  • Rosehip & Comfrey Shower Cream - for mature skin

Rosehip & Comfrey Shower Cream - for mature skin


UXB shower creams moisturise the skin straight from the shower leaving it soft and hydrated. Just apply, leave for a moment and then rinse off excess cream. 

Rose hip & comfrey non-foaming shower cream is perfect for mature skin. We’ve packed it with oils that are kind to older skin that can be lacking in moisture and nutrients.

We include rose water, which is a byproduct of the distillation of rose essential oil, to hydrate and calm the skin. We then lock that moisture in with lashings of vegetable glycerine.

Rosehip oil moisturises and plumps the skin while its Omegas help regeneration. We include it right at the end of the formulating process when the cream is cooling to preserve as much of the goodness as possible.

We make our own oil infusions by warming dried comfrey and gotu kola leaves in pure sunflower oil. Comfrey is rich in Allantoin while gotu kola has been used in Indian skin care for centuries for its toning properties.  

Our final oil in this blend is evening primrose which is rich in gamma linoleic acid that has been proven to aid skin barrier function and aid hydration and thus plumper skin.

The Scent

We use a blend of Rose, Ylang Ylang and Lavender essential oils to give this moisturising body wash a wonderful, restful floral scent.

All of our shower creams have pH balanced around 5/6 - the natural acidity level of the skin. This helps protect the natural biome on the skin keeping it healthy and glowing.


When your skin is damp it is more permeable and easily nourished. In the shower is the time to feed and lock moisture into your body with our luxurious shower cream. To use, apply to damp skin, leave for a few seconds and then wash off.


Aqua , Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Rose Water, Glycerin, Coco Glucoside, Decyl GlucosideGlyceryl Stearate SE, Comfrey & Sunflower  Oil Infusion, Rosehip Oil, Gotu Kola & Sunflower Oil Infusion, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Oleate, Evening Primrose Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Palmarosa Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil

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