UXB Shower Cream - in-shower moisturiser - 50% off

Banish dry skin this winter with UXB shower cream a luxurious blend of natural ingredients designed to lock in moisture from the shower.

No more scaly shins, knees or elbows.

Try it for yourself for only £3.99

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UXB in-shower moisturising cream
  1. Locks in twice as much moisture as a regular body lotion
  2. Very quick to apply in the shower. Just apply to damp skin, rinse off excess and towel dry
  3. Handmade in the UK using natural ingredients


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"I never have dry elbows any more" - Liz, Uxbridge

"It really helped with my sunburned back" - Phil, Brighton

"It smells delicious and looks fab in my bathroom" - Fiona, Manchester

How It Works

Apply in Shower

apply the cream in the shower

After showering apply the shower cream

Rinse Off

rinse off excess cream

Rinse excess cream from your body

Towel Dry

towel dry after using shower cream

Towel dry as normal

Formulated for Your Skin Type

Each of our creams contain natural ingredients that have been used for millennia to treat skin like yours.