Our Mission

Our mission drives what products we make and how they function. Everything we do shines through this prism.

“To make the best skin-kind bath and body products using natural sustainable ingredients.“

Let’s break that mission statement down:



We make the products in-house. That way we can control quality and consistency.


We will strive to produce the best in class products that combine functional benefits (soothed, clean skin) with usability (not too thick, not too thin) and brilliant experiences (pleasing fragrances).


Washing your skin can be harmful. Our wash products will not strip the skin of oils, but support and cleanse it. We will develop products that support and strengthen the skin’s integrity and biome. Our products will include active ingredients that heal and promote skin regeneration.

Bath and Body

We see this are our niche. When washing the body there is the most potential to both damage and heal the skin. It is here we can help most.


Our tag line for UXB is “The application of nature™” because we see great value in using natural oils and active ingredients on the skin while it is wet and semi-permeable in the shower or bath.


We will choose ingredients and suppliers that are sustainable and will not damage the ecosystem, communities or the planet.