Mindful Moisturisation: Get the app

We believe firmly that showering and bathing correctly can help the mind and the body. The act of cleansing the body mindfully can help release stress and prepare the mind for the day ahead. 

A shower is a sensory experience. The water hits your skin, the warmth envelops you, the scent is all around. If we take a few moments to let notice these little moments of comfort and joy we can centre ourselves before we tackle the day ahead. 

To that end we have developed a little mindfulness app that can be used via your phone or tablet. It will walk you through a 5 minute guided mindfulness session where we let go of our troubles and truly appreciate the moment we ave in the shower as we cleanse and soothe our skin. 

Get the app by clicking on the logos below.

UXB mindfulness app androidUXB mindfulness app Apple ios  


We hope you enjoy your moments of peace. A word of caution, please be careful with yourself and expensive electronic devices in the shower or bath.