Instantly moisturise those dry elbows and knees with our range of in-shower moisturisers

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  • Get plump soft skin in seconds
  • No waiting for lotion to soak in
  • Locks in moisture from the shower

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Argan  & Frankincense Shower Cream

Was £8.00 - now only £5.60 with code "winter30"

Was £8.00 - now only £5.60 with code "winter30"

Brown Rice Milk & Honey Shower Cream

Was £8.00 - now only £5.60 with code "winter30"

Was £8.00 - now only £5.60 with code "winter30"

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Nature's best ingredients to feed your skin

We started UXB to design the best bath and body products using nature's most effective ingredients.

In 2016 Liz and I were on a holiday in Turkey. Like most tourists we found ourselves in a Turkish bath where we were slathered in soaps and oils and massaged for hours.

We came out with the softest, smoothest skin we had ever had in our lives. We were glowing. We really wanted to maintain our soft supple skin so we filled our bags with all of the soap and oils that we could find.

On returning to the UK I did a little bit of research into why Turkish baths worked so well.

What I found amazed me. When our skin is wet, it is more porous and will greedily suck up active ingredients. I was determined to learn all about the skin, the oil and herbs that feed and support it and how to make soap and creams to effectively get them into the skin.

Here we are 4 years later with the best soap and creams you will ever try! - Simon & Liz

Simon & Liz Driscoll

Founders UXB

Our customers say

"I bought one of each of these shower creams as end of term presents. Luckily I kept this one for myself as it has a delicious subtle smell and looks fabulous in my bathroom."


15 SEP 2018, 14:42

"This makes my skin feel sooo soft. I love the smell to."


08 JAN 2018

"Had bad sunburn on my back but used this in the shower and did not peel


20 MAY 2018


How do I use UXB shower cream? 

UXB shower cream saves time and locks in twice the moisture of a regular body lotion. It's easy to apply:

  1. Wash as normal with your regular soap or gel
  2. While wet apply the shower cream to any areas prone to dry skin
  3. Wait a few moment and then shower off any excess cream

You can dry as normal. Your skin with feel hydrated all day long.

Which cream is best for my skin type?

Each of our shower creams contains a unique blend of oils and active ingredients to work most effectively with your skin.

  • Very dry skin: Frankincense & Argan oil
  • Dry, combination or mature skin: Rosehip & Comfrey
  • City polluted skin: Juniper & Acai Berry
  • Oily and sensitive skin: Brown Rice Milk & Honey

What is your return policy?

If you are not completely happy with your purchase just return it to us for a full refund.

Full details are here:

Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes. Our creams contain gentle oils and natural coconut surfactants that are suitable for sensitive skin. We use minimal essentail oils.

Can I use it if I am pregnant?I

The only shower cream that we don't suggest pregnant women use is our Brown Rice Milk & Honey shower cream that contains raw honey.